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SlowCheetah In VS 2015 RC

SlowCheetah is a great extension for Visual Studio desktop applications. In short, it enables configuration transforms for desktop application exactly like web applications. Unfortunately, the extension has not been updated to support Visual Studio 2015 RC but the Nuget package works. Here are the changes I had to make to the project XML to get SlowCheetah in VS 2015 RC working.

OAuth 2 Flows

OAuth 2.0 is a protocol to allow applications limited access to remote resources, HTTP services like a REST WebAPI or WCF, on behalf of the resource owner or itself. The specification outline multiple workflows and understanding the differences and scenarios each apply is somewhat challenging. I hope to summarize the OAuth 2 flows and explain how to use each flow.


TeamCity Dependencies

A little while back I read about TeamCity Dependencies and thought it was a nifty idea but when I started using the feature I realized how powerful they are. Here, I try to explain the differences between Snapshot and Artifact dependencies in TeamCity, how to add them to your build configuration, and how I have used them and hopefully you will feel comfortable enough to use them too.